SCHOOL FOR STARTUPS RADIO: Andrew Yang of Venture for America and Author Glenn Carver, are on School for Startups Radio with Jim Beach

March 31, 2014

Andrew Yang is our first guest on School for Startups Radio today. Andrew was a big-time corporate lawyer and decided one day that it was not for him. He felt compelled to become an entrepreneur and started a company, which after spending quite a deal of his friends and families money, failed. He realized that he loved being an entrepreneur, but was in a hard position to ask for more money now to start another business! And Andrew saw that there would be lots of other people in similar situations, people who wanted to be an entrepreneur who just did not know how. Very wisely, Andrew got jobs at small startups where he was able to learn the basket of skills needed to run a startup and to develop the connections needed in the industry. He excelled with these companies, but knew that he had to again venture out on his own. With the help of some of his new connections, he was able to start Venture for America, an amazing organization that provides entrepreneurial experience for people in their young 20s. Sounds like a great program to us, congratulations Andrew for this great initiative. And you will never guess one of the most popular cities for young students to return to!

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