USA TODAY: Venture for America launches young entrepreneurs

February 2, 2014
By Laura Baverman

When the management consulting and investment banking job offers and law and business school acceptance letters come in this spring, 100 U.S. college seniors will decline those typically sought-after opportunities.

They’ll choose Venture for America instead, working for the next two years at start-ups around the nation, in preparation for starting a business someday.
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Entrepreneurship Isn’t About Creativity (Excerpt 5)

Check out the latest excerpt from “Smart People Should Build Things” as seen on

There is a common and persistent belief out there that entrepreneurship is about creativity– that it’s about having a great idea. But it’s not, really. Entrepreneurship isn’t about creativity. It’s about organization building—which, in turn, is about people.

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Professional Services as Business Training (Excerpt 4)

As we’ve seen, one of the most frequently pursued paths for achievement- minded college seniors is to spend several years advancing professionally and getting trained and paid by an investment bank, consulting firm, or law firm. Then, the thought process goes, they can set out to do something else with some exposure and experience under their belts. People are generally not making lifelong commitments to the field in their own minds. They’re “getting some skills” and making some connections before figuring out what they really want to do. Continue reading